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If you are an experienced online poker player, then the concept of a poker bonus will not only be probably very clear, but you'll also be pretty well-versed on how it is applied and can be used. In which case you may prefer to proceed to the pages oulining either the biggest poker bonus offers or the easiest bonuses to clear.

If you are new to online poker, the following page will be useful reading when it comes to understanding the poker bonus scenario and what to expect. If you want a shortcut to one of the easiest poker rooms to play, intuitive software and a good bonus, checkout Ladbrokes Poker with it's $500 bonus on the Microgaming Poker Network.

The Poker Bonus Explained

Long gone are the days when an online poker room or an online casino would give you some free cash to play with and cash out when you were done. Thanks to the number of scammers trying to take advantage of "free money" to make a killing before moving on, rules and regulations have become tighter and tighter. For those poker and casino players who aren't there to abuse the offers, we have become used to suffering restrictive wagering terms and conditions to get a free wad!

However, with online poker, the fundamental concept differs to online casinos in that the money you win and withdraw is made from other players: for every winner there is a loser, so the poker rooms themselves are more protected from abusers. Hence, the poker bonus in general is a far more attractive proposition than an online casino bonus.

Broadly speaking there are two types of poker bonus to seek out. There is the bonus which offers a substantial amount, and the poker bonus that offers less but is often easier to "clear". The bonuses are usually issued in one of two ways: they are drip-fed as you play and accumulate raked hands or they awarded in one lump. The former drip-fed poker bonus is far more common and usually has the advantage that you are free to withdraw at any time while the latter usually requires you to complete a certain amount of play before you can withdraw the bonus (sometimes withdraw anything in fact). It always pays to read the terms and conditions of a poker bonus before you deposit. Some online poker rooms allow you to opt out of the bonus scheme if you prefer to operate without restrictions.

Finding The Right Poker Bonus

The best poker bonus for you will depend largely on how much you have to stake. If you are a high roller with several hundred, possibly even thousand dollars to play with, there are some very big poker bonus offers around as that aforementioned link will show you. If you are a newbie, or are dabbling with a small budget, you will probably prefer to find an up-front poker bonus that is relatively easy to clear. Again we have an easy clear poker bonus page that you might like to read.

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